Roofs, Leaks and Repairs – A Call for Action

//Roofs, Leaks and Repairs – A Call for Action

Roofs, Leaks and Repairs – A Call for Action

The Club needs your help – and quickly!

At the end of Feb, Simon and the ground team conducted their pre-season inspection and discovered a major problem which arose as a result of the extreme winter weather. The changing room roof had been badly damaged and the resulting leakage had affected the interior fittings too.

Simon and the team have moved quickly. They have arranged for the roof to be replaced and for a new interior ceiling to be built. The electrical system is also being rerouted and updated.  Resulting damage to the changing room windows and fittings requires us to replace two window frames and to strip the interior walls back to the stonework to allow new damp-proofing and decorating.

We believe that a proportion of the cost of this work will be covered by the Club’s insurance. However, the net cash cost is still likely to be in the region of ¬£1,250, even after allowing for the substantial time the TABS CC ground staff have invested in doing the remedial work for free over the last few days.

The initial remedial work will be complete this week. Then it is over to us all! We need club members to volunteer their time/materials to enable a top-class decorating job to be done, as part of our normal groundworks project at this time of year. A proposed date in early in April will be published soon.

We appreciate that many of you are very busy at this time of year – so there is an alternative option! You can make a donation to the TABS 2011 Roof Fund. We’ll keep a note of all specific donators to the Fund and thank you with a mention on the contributors board which will go up in the new changing rooms at the start of the season.

If you would like to make a contribution, please send a cheque made payable to TABS CC to our Treasurer (Rob Seldon) at 5 Thorpe Arch Park, Thorpe Arch, LS23 7AP

Please write “TABS CC Roof Fund 2011” on the reverse of your cheque.

Some photos of the damage and remedial work are shown below. We’re hugely grateful to Simon, Steve, Mick, Tom, Ben and everyone else who has rolled their sleeves up in the last few days to tackle the problem so far. Now it is up to us to complete the job before the season begins…




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