LS171 colorimeter is another instrument to give shading estimation and stable shading correlations for materials and items any place shading control is significant. The instrument follows important worldwide CIE guidelines and GB principles. It embraces D/8 optical structure and is furnished with a high-exactness sensor that follows CIE. The instrument has great consistency and repeatability. LS171 colorimeter can be utilized with portable APP for precise shading estimation and quality control. It is generally utilized in plastics, paint, printing, pottery, materials, autos and different ventures. The instrument can reestablish the shade of the gathered example and distinguish shading distinction. Utilizing this reasonable instrument will support your shading quality when shading prerequisites are too rigid to even think about depending on visual assessment alone. It is more exact and solid than other fundamental colorimeters. It is a high-accuracy colorimeter with extraordinary exhaustive capacities and amazingly savvy.

Application shrewd colorimeter

Application shrewd colorimeter

II. LS171 Colorimeter Application

As a versatile colorimeter, LS171 is generally utilized in vehicle paint showering, test paper printing, cowhide textures, plastic metal, material and dress, equipment, furniture industry, plastics, elastic and different fields.

colorimeter test plastics

colorimeter test paint

III. LS171 Colorimeter Parameters

Brightening calculation D/8, Specular Component Include (SCI)

Brightening light source Full range LED light source

Estimating opening 8mm

Estimation conditions Light source D65, field of view 10°

Estimating time about 1s

Shading spaces CIE Lab, Luv, LCh, Yxy, CMYK, RGB, Hex

Shading contrast equations ΔE*ab, ΔE*uv, ΔE*94, ΔE*cmc(2:1), ΔE*cmc(1:1), ΔE*00

Repeatability Standard deviation ΔE*ab is inside 0.03

(normal estimation of 30 estimations on

whiteboard each 3s after adjustment)

Force gracefully Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V@700mAh,

can constantly quantify multiple times under

full charge

Measurement 57×57×89.4mm (L*W*H)

Weight about126g

Show 0.96 inch OLED

Information transmission Bluetooth

Charging port USB (Type-C)

Working temperature 0~45℃, 0~85%RH (no buildup)

Putting away temperature -25~55℃, 0~85%RH (no buildup)

colorimeter structure

colorimeter structure

IV. LS171 Colorimeter Characteristics

1. Accomplish stable shading quality with the assistance of QC testing capacity when estimating shading contrast, subsequent to tweaking the shading distinction edge (resistance esteem), it can naturally decide whether the shading contrast is qualified. The handheld colorimeter will likewise show the shading cast heading.

Versatile colorimeter QC testing

Versatile colorimeter QC testing

2. Gather most loved tones whenever and anyplace. It can astutely coordinate various standard shading outlines and the coordinating exactness of the shading graphs is more prominent than 90%. The versatile APP interface can legitimately reestablish the gathered tones. Before we take the shading estimation, we can choose the shading diagram that we need first, for example, Pantone shading outline.

colorimeter test PC

colorimeter test PC

3. A lot of shading can be put away in portable APP, there is no compelling reason to convey weighty shading cards.

4. Import and fare shading information through QQ, WeChat, email and other programming.

shading offering to companions

shading offering to companions

5. The instrument has 7 shading spaces and 6 shading distinction equations give shading estimation and shading examinations for various businesses.

shading spaces and shading recipes

shading spaces and shading equations

6. Little size, can be held with one hand.

versatile colorimeter

versatile colorimeter

7. With OLED screen, it tends to be utilized alone, or it very well may be utilized with cell phone APP (uphold Chinese and English).

8. The inherent lithium battery makes it more secure and more advantageous to utilize. It can ceaselessly quantify multiple times under full force.

9. Zero in on shading estimation and shading distinction ID, with repeatability ΔE*ab not higher than 0.03.

10. There is no requirement for highly contrasting board alignment and the implicit pay light way guarantees stable estimation information without continuous adjustment.

white alignment board

white alignment board

V. Item Qualification and Standards

LS171 colorimeter satisfies the accompanying guidelines:

GBT 3978-2008 Standard illuminants and mathematical conditions

GBT 3979-2008 Methods for the estimation of article tone

GBT 7921-2008 Uniform shading space and shading contrast recipe

GBT 11186.1-1989 Methods for estimating the shade of paint films-Part 1: Principles

GBT 11186.2-1989 Methods for estimating portable colorimeter the shade of paint films-Part 2: Color estimation

GBT 11186.3-1989 Methods for estimating the shade of paint films-Part 3: Calculation of shading contrasts

JJG 595-2002 Colorimeters and Color Difference Meters

colorimeter CE endorsement

colorimeter CE endorsement

VI. LS171 Colorimeter Packing subtleties

No. Depiction Quantity Unit

1 LS171 colorimeter 1 pcs

2 USB information link 1 pcs

3 Cleaning material 1 pcs

4 User manual 1 pcs

5 Certificate/Warranty card 1 pcs

colorimeter pressing

colorimeter pressing

VII. LS171 Colorimeter After-deals Service

1. The colorimeter has one-year guarantee. On the off chance that the meter works unusually, kindly send the entire colorimeter to our organization for upkeep

2. Furnish clients with save parts and deep rooted upkeep administrations

3. Give the clients the meter examination administration

4. Free specialized help for long haul

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